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Remain in me, and I will remain in you. -John 15:4
It was the summer of 2000. I had just finished 9th grade and was at a week long youth
camp. The speaker spoke on the first part of John 15 where Jesus teaches about the
vine and the branches.
That speaker had gone to a vineyard and spent time learning about the grape vine.
Being someone who loves to learn, I was so intrigued. He knew about the connection
between the vine and the branch, the job of each on their own and as it relates to the
other part…I was fascinated!
But more than that, the Holy Spirit took hold of me in that moment and opened up
scripture to me in a way that made me curious. I knew that there was so much more
than that speaker had unraveled that week, so much that the Lord wanted to teach me.
I went home and read it over and over pulling out things that hadn’t been discussed the
week before.
And over and over through the years, the Lord has led me back to this one thing.
‘Remain in me.’
That simple invitation brings tears to my eyes. He has invited us to come. To live life
from a place where we REMAIN in Him.
A place of constant connection.
A place where we can just ‘be’.
A place of freedom.
A place where peace and obedience come naturally.
A place where love flows through us easily.
A place where we are totally and completely aware of Him in us at all times.
I know that may feel very intimidating, but I hope you will adjust how you see it and
know that the the invitation comes from a loving Father who is sitting with you even now
in your circumstance; in your joy and your pain. I hope it makes you curious.
What does it mean to remain in Him? Is there something/someone you can surrender to
Him to help you take better hold of Him? He’s always worth it.

For His Glory,


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